Embrace Each Day

photo by Caryn Moya Block

Angel Whispers


Here are the Angel messages for today:

Raphael: There is much sadness in the world and many souls have left the planet. Do not be afraid. We are with you! It is hard for you to see the light through your tears, but it is still shining. We love you dear ones. Call on us to carry your heavy burdens. We long to comfort you. Let us help. Blessings upon you, Raphael.

Michael: Time is racing and things are changing so quickly and drastically that some of you feel adrift. In reality you are in the eye of the storm, held tight in our embrace. You must have faith and trust that all is well. Visualize the world you want to live in. See it manifesting around you. Take one small step on the path and the journey has begun. Nothing in the past can dim the brightness of the future, unless you will it so. Embrace each day for its new beginning. Blessings upon you, Michael.

Gabriel: Sometimes it feels like you are drowning. Then you relax and you float on the surface. Remember to relax. Spread out your arms and legs and float. Let the energy carry and support you. Be still and be guided. You many not understand why something is happening, but it is always your choice how to respond. Respond with love. For you are love and you are loved. Blessings upon you, Gabriel.

Uriel: We love you and are here for you. So many of you don’t hear our whispers. You fill your life with worries and busyness, when you should fill it with joy, peace, and love. What is your truth? What do you know in your heart? You are a divine child of God. An energetic being having a human experience. When this time of learning is done, you will return to the divine. What are the lessons you need to learn? Do you already know the answer, but choose to cover it with everyday busyness? Live your truth. Live your lesson learned. Blessings upon you, Uriel.

Good and God

Photo by Caryn Moya Block

Angel Whispers


Here are the Angel messages for today:

Raphael: You try too hard. Let life come to you. Yes, you must take action, but you don’t need to fret and dwell on each one. Know where you are heading and trust. The Universe wants to help you get there. We are here for you if you need support. Blessings upon you, Raphael.

Michael: So many things are going on around you. Don’t lose focus. Have faith and trust that your life will work out for the good. Always we are moving you towards good and God. Have no fear. You are held in the hand of the Almighty. Everything will work out for you. Keep taking the next step and the next. The journey will be worth it. Blessings upon you, Michael.

Gabriel: Spring is in the air. You many not see it or feel it, but life is budding under your feet. What new project do you wish to accomplish? What new life will you bring to the planet? Use the energies of the seasons to help you. The Earth is awakening from her winter slumber. She is stretching and opening up. Join her in bringing new life into existence, whether that is a project or a baby, see it coming. Blessings upon you, Gabriel.

Uriel: Hold onto the light. Shine brightly! Yes, we say this often, but it is so easy for you to fall into negativity. Smile, Love, Joy, these are the emotions you must concentrate on. Life will ask many things of you. Remember what is most important. God is love, love is energy, use it, spread it around, celebrate love in everything you do. Blessings upon you, Uriel.