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My Angels and Guides have been trying to get me to write a nonfiction book about my experiences being psychic for years. I finally did it, which is how “Joy, My Journey of Awakening” came into being. I hope it can help you on your journey. We all have the ability to be psychic and connected to divine guidance. I encourage you to go inside and figure out who you really are. You are amazing and so much more than you realize.

Some of you may know me from my Paranormal Romance Books. However, this site is also dedicated to the new children’s books I am writing for Psychic kids and their families. Most children come into the world with sensitivities that are sometimes hard to explain and cope with. I saw my first ghost at three years of age, and though not a scary situation, it left my parents in a predicament that led to them lying to me. Even my three year old brain knew that my parents weren’t telling me the truth about what I was seeing. I hope that this series of books that I am working on now will be helpful to these parents and children when a similar situation arises for them.

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  1. My daughter saw her first spirit today. She’s felt them before, as I do, but she saw a boy spiy at her best friend’s house for the first time today. She is 13 years old. She described the boy as about 8 years old, with brown hair, a red polo shirt and jean shorts, black shoes and white socks with red stripes. He was sitting on the stairs looking down, curled up like in a ball. I don’t know what to tell her to do, should she try to help this boy? Or should she just leave it be? Not sure if one of your books can help. I appreciate your insight.


    1. Jakki, I would have your daughter leave the spirit alone until she gets some training. I would suggest she take Reiki classes to learn about energy and working with it. Reiki.org lists practitioners on their website all over the world. Spirits are energy. Then your daughter will have to decide if working with spirits is something she wants to do on a daily basis.
      I like to carry black tourmaline and selenite stones in my pocket so I have some protection from stray spirits.
      I hope that helps.


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