New Children’s Book

Rainbow Lights Cover copy

New Release in the Psychic Kids Series:

Rainbow Lights

A Book for Children Who See Auras

By Caryn Block

Johnathan sees Auras around all living things. His parents encourage him to use his ability to know how someone feels. Johnathan understands that seeing Auras is a gift.

This book is best for children two years old to five years old. Many children come into the world with sensitivities that are sometimes hard to explain and cope with. I saw my first ghost at three years of age, and though not a scary situation, it left my parents in a predicament that led to them lying to me. Even my three year old brain knew that my parents weren’t telling me the truth about what I was seeing. I hope this series of books will be helpful when a similar situation arises for today’s parents and children.

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Fear Not!

Moon in Trees

Angel Whispers


Talking to your angels shouldn’t be a chore, but today it feels that way. I would like nothing more than to sleep in and have a slow day. Unfortunately, that is impossible with what’s on my schedule. So, here it goes and I hope the angels will come through with messages that inspire you.

Messages for today:

Raphael: Rest is always important. If you don’t take care of yourself, how will you take care of others? I understand why you’ve chosen this time to communicate and so will give you the message you need for today. Prepare yourself for more light to come into the world. Where there is a bright light, there is also shadow. You must stay positive and shine brightly. What does that mean? Be the very best you, you can be. Don’t let the day-to-day existence drag you down. Take heart, have faith and call on us to assist you. You sometimes see life as a struggle, but life would be boring if there weren’t ups and downs. Embrace the moment. Know you are loved. Blessings upon you, Raphael.

Michael: As a healer, you want to take care of everyone and forget about yourself. At this time it is best to care for yourself first. If you are not at your best, you cannot share that with others. If you need rest, rest. Breathe and take the time to rejuvenate. We can help you with this if you call on us. Your world is a busy place, but taking a time out is a good thing. Reconnect with nature, find your solace and joy. You will be a better person for giving yourself this gift. Blessings upon you, Michael.

Gabriel: Ask yourself, what good can I accomplish today? Whom can I love? For love is the greatest gift you can give. It doesn’t have to be a big thing you do. It can be a smile, a nod, or letting someone go ahead of you. Often you get caught up in feelings of fatigue and become irritable with others. Rise above these low frequency emotions. You are in charge of your life. Take charge! Conquer your emotions. Refuse to dwell in the sludge of anger and frustration. Rise up! Take a breath and re-center. Think of the many blessings you have all around you. Air to breathe, Sunshine to warm you, Water to drink. The angels will help you if you but call on us, for we are thankful for you and the light you bring to the world. Blessings upon you, Gabriel.

Uriel: Fear not! I say again, Fear not! There is nothing to fear. You are an immortal soul and always will be. True, your physical body can stop working and you can pass on to another existence, but you will continue. In doing so, you continue to learn and grow. Your feelings were meant to be a blessing, not a curse. Pain was meant to teach, fear to keep you safe, not immobilize you. Change your focus. You can do it! There is so much more to feel than pain and fear. Decide to move on to something else. What thoughts bring new feelings? Love, Joy, Wonder. These feelings are worth dwelling in. But even these are meant as tools to grow. You are more than a feeling, you are a soul, a spark of divine light on a path of discovery. Shine brightly, little light. Blessings upon you, Uriel.

It’s Summer


Angel Whispers


I started this session, speaking with my angels in a hurry. My granddaughter is staying over and I knew she would soon awake and need me. But as I wrote what the Angels told me, I realized there were some profound truths in their words and they were speaking to me as much as you. I hope their words inspire you, Caryn.

Here are the messages for today:

Raphael: Slow down. You move at breakneck speed. There is so much you are missing, the whisper of the wind, the song of the bird. Slow down. Breathe. The air rejuvenates you. Breathe deep and slow. Feel yourself relax with each breath. Now continue with your day. Blessings upon you, Raphael.

Michael: Hold on! Things are moving quicker now. Raphael was right to remind you to breathe. Remember that you are loved. To move into a state of grace all you must do is call on us. Breath work can help calm you and get you back to center. Calling on us can help raise your vibration, putting you into a different frequency. So when you feel life is too overwhelming, breathe and then call on us. We will be there to help you, always. Blessings upon you, Michael.

Gabriel: It’s summer. What is your favorite thing to do at this time? Do it! Eat the watermelon, drink the lemonade. Life should be celebrated. Each season brings different gifts for you to enjoy. Play and laugh, fill your time with fun. Working all the time with no relief isn’t healthy and darkens your mood. We want to hear your laughter and see your smile. Enjoy life and the ones around you. Blessings upon you, Gabriel.

Uriel: You have changed so much and will continue to change. Fear not! There is purpose to these changes. You feel more, see more. Now you notice what you don’t like in yourself and the world, so you can change it and make it better.  Love is always the answer. I know Caryn has written that phrase hundreds of times, but it’s true. Love yourself and love others. Make yourself a better person. Raise yourself up! We are here to help you. If you are reading this, chances are you are on a journey of self-discovery, finding your way to a better you. We applaud your efforts. Don’t stop. You make the world a better place by your striving to be a better person and yet, what you don’t realize is you are perfect as you are. Perfect in your desire to be better. For growth is necessary for all things. So grow and change, knowing that you are fulfilling your purpose to experience life. Blessings upon you, Uriel.

Life is a Gift

Life is a Gift

Angel Whispers


While talking to my angels this morning, I mentioned that their messages are something I’ve already heard or know. They replied that not everyone knew like I did and that their messages are also energetic. I also questioned who would actually hear(read) their messages and they assured me that angels were working all over the world to send the ones who needed to hear these messages to find this page. So if you are here, then an angel somewhere nudged you to be here. All good.

Here are the messages for today:

Raphael: Heal. Work to clear your body of all blockages. Not just physically, but energetically. Your worries manifest into illness. Clear your energy fields. Educate yourself on proper care. Good hygiene should include clearing your auric fields, like brushing your teeth in the morning. Don’t forget or put it off. You will live longer and be healthier if you take care of yourself. This is not selfish, this is a good practice. Blessings upon you, Raphael.


Michael: Listen for that small voice. Hear that high-pitched whine. That is us, speaking on an energetic level. We are connected to you, for we are one, and so we try to whisper in your mind. To guard and guide you, but you will only hear us if you decide that is your wish. For all have the right of self-expression. We do not choose for you. We watch and wait with high hopes that you will connect with us. We are here to serve. Blessings upon you, Michael.


Gabriel: Sing. Lift up your voices in song and praise. Be joyful, for music doesn’t support a heavy heart. Oh yes, there are sad songs, but if you are sad, can you sing? If your throat is choked up and your nose is running, you cannot sing, not really sing. I suppose you can get out a note or two, but to really sing you must be open to joy. When you are hitting a note and your body is full of air and vibrating with the sound you are making, that is when you feel the joy. So sing, as loud as you can. Take in big breaths of air to support the notes and then feel the music in your body. Find the joy in all that you do. Blessings upon you, Gabriel.


Uriel: Life is a gift. Many think they must get to heaven to receive a reward, but being here on Earth is a reward. Many wanted to come during this time, but you were chosen. It was felt that you would give Earth and your fellow man the best chance to raise your vibration to the next level and you did. For time is not linier here, and we can see both the past and future, as well as now. It is done! You have accomplished your mission, but here on earth you are still striving and that is as it should be. Know in your heart that you have won. Earth and all it’s inhabitants are able to vibrate at a higher level. More and more of you will awaken to that ability as you journey through this lifetime.  We celebrate you! Blessings upon you, Uriel.

Find your Joy!


Angel Whispers

I’ve been having a hard time of it since the Solstice, even with using my Reiki, and talking to my angels during the work week and on the weekends when I need them. I’ve been acting strange and feel even weirder. If you look at some of the other metaphysical blogs, they will tell you a lot of energy is shifting and the Solstice was a big one. I’m only mentioning this because I’ve talked to four other people that are also having difficulties right now and I wanted you to know it could be the energies moving and clearing away the negative affecting how you feel. I think the angels are trying to address this difficult time in their messages.

Here are the angel messages for today:

Raphael: Take heart, things are not as bleak as they seem. New beginnings must be birthed and giving birth is a long and painful process. But what comes from the struggle is new life! That is what awaits you. So, stay positive, hold on to the good in your life and ride out these final days before the new arrives. Blessings upon you, Raphael.

Michael: Believe! Trust! Shine! Look to the positive. Enjoy the sunshine. All of God’s glory belongs to you. Never doubt that you are loved. Love it everything. The very fabric of creation. We, the angels, await your call. We are here for you, to listen, to help, to guard and to guide. All you need to do is ask. Enjoy life. Find your Joy! There you will come closest to the divine here on Earth. Blessings upon you, Michael.

Gabriel: Rest, sleep. Don’t deny yourself the time to regroup. While your body sleeps, your soul works. Your creative fires are stoked, your energy restored. So many of you take time away from sleep to try to escape your life, but sleep is the “great escape”. Then there are those who sleep to escape life, but sleep is meant to rejuvenate not anesthetize you. Ask yourself if your sleep habits are healthy? The answer may explain the difficulties you are currently experiencing in your life. Blessing upon you, Gabriel.

Uriel: Fear not. You worry and fret, which is a kind of fear. It is unbecoming of you. You are stronger than these worries and fears and most of what you are concerned about never comes to pass. Use your time to find answers to your questions, not sit in fear. The life you are looking for is one of peace and joy. Focus on those qualities. Look to bring the positive into your life. Blessings upon you, Uriel.

Raise Your Head

Turtles copy

Angel Whispers


Do you ever have days where you just don’t want to think about anything important? Like talking to angels? I really didn’t want to connect with my angels today. Why did they ask me to do this anyway?

Isn’t it funny how we rant and rave against the divine, even when we know what they ask is the right thing to do? Why is it so hard to bring ourselves to start a practice that we know will help us live better? Why does it feel like “work” instead of play?

Investing in ourselves, whether it’s a new diet, new spiritual practice, or new exercise routine, is difficult especially by the end of the week when all you want to do is take a day off. So, I am calling forth my will and discipline and preparing to connect with my angels when all I want to do is “fool” around.

By the way, the whole time I’ve been writing this, I can hear the angels chuckling in the distance. They are always there waiting for us to connect, even on days when we don’t want to.


Here are the messages from my angels today:

Raphael: You’re changing. Every morning when you connect to us brings about a change in your physical make-up. You are not alone in this. More and more people will experience physical sensations of their frequency rising. A headache, itchy skin, aches in your body for no apparent reason.  As your physical form takes on more and more light energy, it will bring changes. Check with your doctors if you are concerned. We do not want you to confuse real symptoms with spiritual upgrades. We applaud your determination to connect with us and hope that more will join you. We are always here as you said before, but you must ask us to connect and work on your behalf. Blessings upon you, Raphael.


Michael: Rise up! Shine. Make the difference you want to see in the world. Easy words, but not so easy actions. Even Caryn, who has agreed to this mission, is caught in malaise. Grit your teeth, push away the complacency. We, your divine helpers, are calling to you. Hear us. There is nothing to fear. You are the divine living in a physical body. We are connected in spirit to all. Raise your head, look at the sun shinning in the sky, and take heart. All is not lost. It is just beginning. Begin with me. I will march next to you and cheer you on. Take action and know that you are loved. Blessing upon you, Michael.


Gabriel: Come to the water. Hear the ocean, brook and stream. Let the water caress your skin even as you listen to its song. It is here for you. Trust your knowing. Dive deep into your dreams. There is nothing to fear in the darkness. You are supreme beings carrying the same spark of light that the creator is made of. Enjoy life. Love and play. We, the angels, want to hear your laughter and see your smiles. Nothing gives us more pleasure. Be happy. Blessing upon you, Gabriel.


Uriel: It can be uncomfortable to stay connected to us, and the divine. Busyness and frantic energies want to overload your senses, while we bring calm and peace. Caryn is having problems staying awake, even as she types the words I give her. I’m glad she’s so sleepy, it shows she’s connected to our energy. Her body both wants to rest and be filled with heavenly light.  You may feel the same. Not to worry, we will nudge you if needed. Send us on journeys of service for you and your fellow man. There are many of us waiting to hear from you. Peace and love are not busyness, they are beingness. Be. Breathe, listen to your heartbeat. Reconnect to your inner being. We are waiting for you. Blessing upon you, Uriel.

Believe, Trust, Shine

Cupid picture

Angel Whispers


I woke up at 1:08 A.M. and stayed awake until a little after 6:00 A.M. I’m still not sure why, though I’ve been worrying about a possible house my husband and I are going to purchase.  Anyway, I looked up the number in Doreen Virtues “Angel Numbers 101” book. Very positive message for 108, but again it calls my faith into question. Am I being positive enough? Am I trusting that God will bring me the perfect house for me and my family?  Hard questions, because on some levels the answer is yes, and on others the answer is no. Full surrender is difficult for me, so I guess I’ll just keep trying.

Here are the messages from the angels today:

Raphael: Good morning. Dawn comes with new beginnings each and every day. Embrace them and do the best you can. Live in the now so you can experience each moment of life to the fullest. Blessings upon you, Raphael.

Michael: You try so hard, when life is so easy. Relax. Trust. We walk with you and want only the best for you. Let us help you. Put all your worries out of your mind. Don’t worry, they won’t be far away if you want them back. (He laughs) Take time to enjoy nature. Enjoy your grandchildren and their delight. Life is about living in joy. Find your joy! Blessing upon you, Michael.

Gabriel: Trust your inner knowing. Do you hear that small voice inside? What are your dreams telling you? Angels speak to you all the time, are you listening? We call out advice and love, but you must be willing to hear us. Now is the time. Give us permission to act on your behalf. We are you willing servants. Blessing upon you, Gabriel.

Uriel: Everyone is so caught up in their schedules that they miss the important things in life. Did you hear the birds singing this morning to the dawn? Did the wind rustle the leaves outside your window? Reorganize your priorities to include those small moments of grandeur. It would be a shame to continue missing them. Look for the beauty that surrounds you. These are the things that make life on Earth so special. Blessings upon you, Uriel.

Believe, Trust, Shine.

Happy Solstice

Mother's Day Garden 032

Photo by Caryn Moya Block

Happy Solstice!



“Wait. You talk to angels. Aren’t you a Christian?”

Yes, I am. But I also realize that the Earth has seasons and rhythms that should be acknowledged and celebrated. Today is the Summer Solstice. Let’s celebrate everything Summer.

Here are the messages from the angels today:


Raphael: Sing, Celebrate. Life is a dance and you must move to the rhythms in your heart. Laughter is the best way to raise your vibration. Be happy. When you find yourself in the midst of darkness, shine brightly and the energy will transform. You are the light. Blessings upon you, Raphael.


Michael: You are the fire, the light, and the love. You have more power than you can imagine. Embrace who you are without judgment. You are perfect in God’s sight. Be true to yourself and your path will open up in front of you with grace and ease. We are here to help you, but you must ask. Believe, Trust, Shine. Blessings upon you, Michael.


Gabriel: The elements hear you. The water responds to your thoughts. Watch what you say and think. Is it positive? Be responsible for what you put out into the world. The World is changing and you must change with it. Bring only the positive in. Raise your vibration. Shine your light for all to see. No more hiding. All will be revealed. Blessing upon you, Gabriel.


Uriel: Summer is upon us once again. Dance with joy for soon the harvest will begin. Nature is singing a beautiful song. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Walk barefoot upon the Earth. Reconnect with the Earth’s beauty. All of this is here for you to enjoy. Now is the time. Blessings upon you, Uriel.

Angel Whispers 6/20/17

Angel Whispers

Angel Feather


I sat down this morning thinking that this should be easy. Just ask the four Arch Angels what messages they have for the world. Imagine my surprise when I was four lines into speaking with Uriel and I fell asleep. I’m not sure exactly why that happened, but he laughed and told me to rest.

I hope these messages speak to you and inspire you to “Believe, Trust, Shine.”



Raphael: Heal yourself first. By doing so, you heal your reality for all. If you’re reading this, you have a good heart and want to help the world and fellow human beings. Trust me. The greatest good you can do is to heal yourself, clearing your energy and increasing your vibration.  Blessings upon you, Raphael.


Michael: You always put yourself last. This is unnecessary. Put yourself first. You are all you have. Treasure yourself and being here now. There is beauty and joy all around you. Look. See. Take notice. Focus on the positive, good and beautiful. Joy is your prize. Concentrate on joy. Bring in the higher vibrational emotions. Transform the negative to peace and love. You are more powerful than you realize. Use your power to create a brighter reality. Blessing upon you, Michael


Gabriel: Communicate. Don’t assume someone knows what you mean by what you said. Only words surrounded by love can be felt and understood without further effort. Ask yourself if you truly need to say this? Is it positive? Is there another way I can express this in a clear, positive way? Humans believe that they are communicating all the time. This is only partially true. It is the message behind the words that holds the vibration. You could speak in gibberish, but the frequency and vibration of what you feel and mean speak for you. Be kind. Send only good messages out into the world. Be responsible for the energy you release, for it will come back to effect you as much as the person you are trying to communicate with. Blessings upon you, Gabriel.


Uriel: Rest is important right now. Your body is adjusting to new energies and needs to recalibrate. Take good care of yourself. Eat healthy. Later your body will thank you for it. More and more frequencies are coming to earth and more and more people will awaken to them. Your earthly body needs time to adjust. Sleep is your best way to do this. Be kind to yourself and give your body the rest it needs. Blessings upon you, Uriel.



Angel Whispers

Page 6FNMO  Believe, Trust, Shine

Caryn (Moya) Block

The world seems to be changing and it looks like I have to change with it. While talking to my angels this morning, they requested that I set up this site to share their messages with you. Needless to say, I am following their request even as I shake in my boots.

Life has been kind of crazy the last few months. For a writer, that means not having a book ready to publish yet this year. Not good. But I knew that I was getting an upgrade from the divine and soon things would change.

I’m not exactly sure how much they will change, but change is coming. The angels told me to “Believe, trust, and shine” so that is exactly what I am going to “try” and do. I know Yoda, “there is no try, only do or do not”, okay, so I do believe, and I will trust, and finally I will shine by sharing what the angels tell me.

I hope you find their messages uplifting.