Angel Whispers 6/20/17

Angel Whispers

Angel Feather


I sat down this morning thinking that this should be easy. Just ask the four Arch Angels what messages they have for the world. Imagine my surprise when I was four lines into speaking with Uriel and I fell asleep. I’m not sure exactly why that happened, but he laughed and told me to rest.

I hope these messages speak to you and inspire you to “Believe, Trust, Shine.”



Raphael: Heal yourself first. By doing so, you heal your reality for all. If you’re reading this, you have a good heart and want to help the world and fellow human beings. Trust me. The greatest good you can do is to heal yourself, clearing your energy and increasing your vibration.  Blessings upon you, Raphael.


Michael: You always put yourself last. This is unnecessary. Put yourself first. You are all you have. Treasure yourself and being here now. There is beauty and joy all around you. Look. See. Take notice. Focus on the positive, good and beautiful. Joy is your prize. Concentrate on joy. Bring in the higher vibrational emotions. Transform the negative to peace and love. You are more powerful than you realize. Use your power to create a brighter reality. Blessing upon you, Michael


Gabriel: Communicate. Don’t assume someone knows what you mean by what you said. Only words surrounded by love can be felt and understood without further effort. Ask yourself if you truly need to say this? Is it positive? Is there another way I can express this in a clear, positive way? Humans believe that they are communicating all the time. This is only partially true. It is the message behind the words that holds the vibration. You could speak in gibberish, but the frequency and vibration of what you feel and mean speak for you. Be kind. Send only good messages out into the world. Be responsible for the energy you release, for it will come back to effect you as much as the person you are trying to communicate with. Blessings upon you, Gabriel.


Uriel: Rest is important right now. Your body is adjusting to new energies and needs to recalibrate. Take good care of yourself. Eat healthy. Later your body will thank you for it. More and more frequencies are coming to earth and more and more people will awaken to them. Your earthly body needs time to adjust. Sleep is your best way to do this. Be kind to yourself and give your body the rest it needs. Blessings upon you, Uriel.



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