Joy Cover

“Joy, My Journey of Awakening”

by Caryn Block

(Book One in the Enlighten Up Series)

Caryn Block has been on a journey of discovery since she saw her first ghost at three years of age. Realizing that there was more to our world than most people could see, she set out to find her way to God and the divine.
Her path led her around many different obstacles while traveling around the world with her military spouse. From religion to spirituality, healing to ghost hunting, Caryn had many new and unusual experiences.
Finally, she was directed by her angels and guides to write. First several series of paranormal romances and then a non-fiction book about her psychic experiences and insights. Come and see if your journey is taking a similar path and if some of Caryn’s insights run parallel to yours. Or perhaps you will find that the information in this book will point you in a new direction and you will find your own path.

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The Psychic Kids Series:

Cover Front300 copy “Feelings Not My Own”  by Caryn Block, Illustrated by Jan Settle

(Book One of the Psychic Kids Series)

Suzy has a hard time when her friend’s emotions overwhelm her. Her mother gives her a few tips to balance her empathic gift.

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Cover I See Spirits 300


“I See Spirits”  by Caryn Block

Illustrated by Jan Settle

(Book Two of the Psychic Kids Series)

Johnathan sees Angels, Nature Spirits, and Ghosts. His mother encourages him to embrace his gift while giving him advice on how to manage his special ability.

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My First Reiki Book By Caryn Block

(Book Three in the Psychic Kids Series)

Lanie learns about the energy healing technique called “Reiki” and how it can help her feel better when she is stressed.
My First Reiki Book is part of the Psychic Kids Series, a book for empathic and intuitive children.

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Cover Reiki Book copy

Rainbow Lights Cover copy

Rainbow Lights

A Book for Children Who See Auras

(Book Four of the Psychic Kids Series)

By Caryn Block

Johnathan sees Auras around all living things. His parents encourage him to use his ability to know how someone feels. Johnathan understands that seeing Auras is a gift.

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These books are best for children two years old to five years old. Many children come into the world with sensitivities that are sometimes hard to explain and cope with. I saw my first ghost at three years of age, and though not a scary situation, it left my parents in a predicament that led to them lying to me. Even my three year old brain knew that my parents weren’t telling me the truth about what I was seeing. I hope this series of books will be helpful when a similar situation arises for today’s parents and children.