Raise Your Head

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Angel Whispers


Do you ever have days where you just don’t want to think about anything important? Like talking to angels? I really didn’t want to connect with my angels today. Why did they ask me to do this anyway?

Isn’t it funny how we rant and rave against the divine, even when we know what they ask is the right thing to do? Why is it so hard to bring ourselves to start a practice that we know will help us live better? Why does it feel like “work” instead of play?

Investing in ourselves, whether it’s a new diet, new spiritual practice, or new exercise routine, is difficult especially by the end of the week when all you want to do is take a day off. So, I am calling forth my will and discipline and preparing to connect with my angels when all I want to do is “fool” around.

By the way, the whole time I’ve been writing this, I can hear the angels chuckling in the distance. They are always there waiting for us to connect, even on days when we don’t want to.


Here are the messages from my angels today:

Raphael: You’re changing. Every morning when you connect to us brings about a change in your physical make-up. You are not alone in this. More and more people will experience physical sensations of their frequency rising. A headache, itchy skin, aches in your body for no apparent reason.  As your physical form takes on more and more light energy, it will bring changes. Check with your doctors if you are concerned. We do not want you to confuse real symptoms with spiritual upgrades. We applaud your determination to connect with us and hope that more will join you. We are always here as you said before, but you must ask us to connect and work on your behalf. Blessings upon you, Raphael.


Michael: Rise up! Shine. Make the difference you want to see in the world. Easy words, but not so easy actions. Even Caryn, who has agreed to this mission, is caught in malaise. Grit your teeth, push away the complacency. We, your divine helpers, are calling to you. Hear us. There is nothing to fear. You are the divine living in a physical body. We are connected in spirit to all. Raise your head, look at the sun shinning in the sky, and take heart. All is not lost. It is just beginning. Begin with me. I will march next to you and cheer you on. Take action and know that you are loved. Blessing upon you, Michael.


Gabriel: Come to the water. Hear the ocean, brook and stream. Let the water caress your skin even as you listen to its song. It is here for you. Trust your knowing. Dive deep into your dreams. There is nothing to fear in the darkness. You are supreme beings carrying the same spark of light that the creator is made of. Enjoy life. Love and play. We, the angels, want to hear your laughter and see your smiles. Nothing gives us more pleasure. Be happy. Blessing upon you, Gabriel.


Uriel: It can be uncomfortable to stay connected to us, and the divine. Busyness and frantic energies want to overload your senses, while we bring calm and peace. Caryn is having problems staying awake, even as she types the words I give her. I’m glad she’s so sleepy, it shows she’s connected to our energy. Her body both wants to rest and be filled with heavenly light.  You may feel the same. Not to worry, we will nudge you if needed. Send us on journeys of service for you and your fellow man. There are many of us waiting to hear from you. Peace and love are not busyness, they are beingness. Be. Breathe, listen to your heartbeat. Reconnect to your inner being. We are waiting for you. Blessing upon you, Uriel.

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