Life is a Gift

Angel Whispers


Today I’m going to let the Angels speak for themselves. Here are their messages:

Raphael: Rejoice! It is a new day. All is possible in this moment. What do you want to accomplish? Lift it up to God for God is good. Recognize your divine right as his child. Take responsibility for your words and actions. It is time to grow up into your power. Everything is at your fingertips if you only ask. Blessings upon you, Raphael.

Michael: Words are power. Speak only the positive. Criticisms will return to you for you are a mirror. Everyone is a divine child of God. Recognize their divinity even if they are your enemy. Send Blessings to them for love paves the way to peace. See the world as you wish it to be in your mind. Believe in it and you will manifest it. Hold onto the light and have faith, for with faith you can move mountains. Blessings upon you, Michael.

Gabriel: Life is easy if you let God in. He/She lives through you and nothing can stand in his/her way. A flow of energy carries you along effortlessly. You are at peace and feel unconditional love. Creativity spikes with new ideas and you can’t wait to take action. Your Divine Plan manifests and your Divine purpose is accomplished. That is your goal, your purpose here on Earth. Blessings upon you, Gabriel.

Uriel: Too many times you have cursed your neighbor when you should have blessed them. This constant negativity is what beings turmoil into your life. Strive for the positive. Bless all around you, even those who seem to be your enemies. For Blessings will come back to you. Everything and everyone are sacred for they are God. Blessings upon you, Uriel.

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