Rise above

Rise up

Angel Whispers


I called the angels in this morning and I couldn’t hear them. It was like I was in a bubble of energy I couldn’t escape. Raphael helped me raise my vibration. I could feel it going up, like in an elevator, that sensation of rising. Now that he showed me how, I’m sure he expects me to do this for myself when needed. His message today is as much for me, as it is for you, as all the messages seem to be.

Here are the messages today:

Raphael: The energies are strong and clashing. You may feel emotional and your frequency may lower. Lift it up. Reach higher for the space of light. Then you can hear us. If you stay in the lower energies, it is like you are in a bubble. You may know that we are there, but we can’t reach you. Keep your energy high, your emotions positive and reach for the light. Blessings upon you, Raphael.

Michael: Good morning. Passions are high. Stay calm and strong. The tree may bow in the storm, but not break. This is what you need to do if life gives you conflict. Love them, but stay strong. Don’t react with negativity. Rise above, become an observer. Shine your light into the darkness. Find your inner peace and work from there. Blessings upon you, Michael.

Gabriel: Be a mighty warrior. Stand tall and true. Shine brightly in the cause of righteousness. Raise your shield against the darkness. Hold love and peace in your heart. You can do it! Don’t let yourself be dragged down. Rise up. Hear us call to you, give us permission to work on your behalf. We are ready. Blessings upon you Gabriel.

Uriel: Where is your focus? Where you focus is where you dwell. Are you worried and fearful? Then in fear and worry you dwell. This is very low energy and not a good place to be for like attracts like. Be at peace. Know your power as a child of God. You are his heir and can call upon the whole universe. You are loved as a mother loves her child. Dwell in love, beauty, and joy. Have fun. Play. Return to the heart of a child, innocent and carefree. Blessings upon you, Uriel.



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