Angel Whispers


Here are the messages for today:

Raphael: Breathe. Breath is a gift. Air surrounds you and you take it for granted like much of the other resources in your life. Take notice and care for these gifts. Be thankful. Each time you fill your lungs, you receive the gift of life. You are in a symbiotic relationship with the plants. You breathe air and give off carbon monoxide. They breathe carbon monoxide and give off air. Did you ever thank them or the creator? Take a moment now and give thanks for the many blessings in your life. Blessings upon you, Raphael.

Michael: Gratitude is always a good thing. It makes you stop for a moment and take notice of the blessings in your life. Not all are as fortunate, but all are blessed. Stopping for that moment takes you out of time and into the space of possibilities. For once you give thanks for your many blessings, you realize you can give thanks for the blessings to come, which calls more blessings to move toward you. Make gratitude a daily practice and you will step into the flow of creation. Blessings upon you, Michael.

Gabriel: Speak with love, for the vibrations of your intention and words ripple out into the world and come back to you. Are you speaking words of anger? The vibration of anger ripples out. Words have a frequency and creative power. What are you creating? It is time to take responsibility for what you create in the world. You are no longer children. The blinders have been removed. Now you can see what you make in the world. Choose wisely what words to use in your daily conversations. Blessings upon you, Gabriel.

Uriel: The world is changing and so are you. This gift of expansion comes with the responsibility of awareness. You must be aware of what you are creating in the world. If you want peace, speak and act in a peaceful way. If you want love, speak and act loving. Its not hard to understand, but does take practice to achieve. Many bad habits must be broken. What kind of world will you create? Blessings upon you, Uriel.

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