Be the Heir

IMG_3461Photo by Caryn Moya Block

Angel Whispers


I am going to be away from the internet starting tomorrow and won’t return until 8/21/17. Please bear with me. Thank you.

Here are the messages for today:

Raphael: Those little aches and pains are a sign of growth. Don’t make them into something more with worry. Know that we are with you and watching out for you. You are protected. Life is changing as you evolve. Step into your power. More and more you will find that with a thought your reality can change. Use your power wisely. Blessings upon you, Raphael.

Michael: Too many times you have turned your back on us and fallen off the right path. We are here to help you. There are, of course, many paths to choose from. So when we say “right” we mean the one that will easily take you to your destination. If you wish to climb mountains, then we will applaud that path as well. Learning and growth doesn’t always feel easy. What you choose is up to you. Blessings upon you, Michael.

Gabriel: Look at you, shinning so brightly! What a beautiful sight. Don’t forget to do your daily spiritual practice while you are away. Find beauty in everything you see. Spread love around you where ever you go. This is a special time and a special place. Live happily and fully. Create with joy and thanksgiving. Celebrate like a small child where happiness bubbles over. Blessings upon you, Gabriel.

Uriel: You hear the hum of the life force energy. It is all around you. Tap into it to create your heaven on Earth. Mold it with your thoughts and feelings. Take charge of your life and your creations. Be at peace and know your divinity. Now is the time. Be the heir of God. Spread your light into the world. Blessings upon you, Uriel.

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